River Eima during sunset

These are some long exposure photos I shot the other night during sunset. It had just rained, so the sunlight was really nice for...

Hiking along river Eima

These images were shot June 3rd. The photo above is shot with a long exposure, with a Nikon D5/Sigma 24mm 1.4art with a Lee...

Urevassnuten & Hestebotn Panorama

Her ser du et par panoramabilder fra randotur opp til Urevassnuten den 1. mai. Det første panoramabildet er fra Hestebotn, ikke fullt 360 grader...


I’m a 35 year old landscape photographer from Geilo, Norway.
I currently work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ustekveikja Energy, a local supplier of electrical power. I started working here in March this year, and before that, I was working winters in the ski resort here in Geilo, driving a Pisten Bully snowcat. In the summer I ran my own company, from which I put myself out for hire to local machine entrepreneurs. The latter I continue to do part time.
I am self taught/auto didact in both photography, web development and design, and my greatest passion is landscape photography.